Diploma Project:
Teaching Web-Tech
to Design Students

Coursework, App and Evaluation

For my diploma project in 2014, I've developed an app, course material and a new teaching paradigm for educating design students on how to code in the web. I've started teaching the course at my alma mater (UdK Berlin / University of Arts Berlin) as a way to test my ideas and evaluate wheter the methods I've put forward were actually getting better results than a classical coding seminar. Since I enjoyed teaching, I've been doing it ever since, using the method and app I had developed. For more information, please read the documentation of my diploma project.

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I have been involved with Halvtone since 2012, first as an external interface designer in cooperation with Daniel Dalfovo working on
the design of the Halvtone Web-App and subsequently as creative director. In this role I have overseen all aspects of the visual communication of the company and have designed all kinds of media from pins and flyers to graphics in social media campaigns.

Photography by Steve Bergmann
Halvtonize Now
While designing the identity for Aleksandra Stepcenko's
new fashion label, I've spent a great deal of time looking
for a typeface that looked exactly like what I had envisioned.

I wanted to have an extremely thin, all-caps type with clear,
geometrical lines. I seemed to remember that I had seen
a typeface like that somewhere but my extensive search
yielded no results. The closest I came was the thin version
of HTF's Gotham, but it was still way too thick for my taste.
That is why I've decided to create a font, exactly like I had
imagined myself. It would not just be a logo created in
Illustrator, either. I have created a fully functional font for
everyday use by the client. As a bonus, by using the font,
all of the label's material would be instantly recognizable,
even if it is not created by me or another designer.

Ms. Stepcenko already has utilized a hand-drawn version
of the font succesfully on T-Shirts, as well as on a number
of other print materials.

Photography by Marc Waldow

Trunkshare was developed in the context of an interdisciplinary cooperation between the Free University (Freie Universität) Berlin
and the University of Arts (Universität der Künste) Berlin on the topic of smart cities. The project was overseen by Dr. Stephan Humer (UdK) and Claudia Müller-Birn (FU). I was responsible for frontend development and design, the backend was developed by Tobias Famulla and Yannick Schütt.

A working prototype is still online, but development is no longer
being pursued.
Proton Cinema is a Budapest-based independent film and theatre production company established in 2003 by producer Viktória Petrányi and director Kornél Mundruczó.

The design process of the website has been very collaborative:
I got intimately involved with the work of the company as I had to go through virtually everything they have produced in order to find key shots of the films that would go on to represent them online and create a visual representation system that would be recognizable but would not repress the showcased work. The time-lapse video used for the main menu, showing employees working in the company office, was produced by Proton exclusively for the website.
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